Linda Horton Dodson



Bead Tapestries and Sculptures











Beadtool Software -

    Without this software, I could not make tapestries. I have tried several bead graphing programs, and this one is the best. The price

is reasonable and support is exceptional.


    Claudia Chase owns and manages this company. The company makes the best tapestry looms on the market. They are extremely well-made of aluminum and can be adapted so different size wool or bead tapestries can be created on one loom.


Caravan Beads -

     They ship within 24 hours.


Blue Mud -

     They do not carry the complete line of Delica Beads, but have extemely good prices on what they do have.  Fast shipment, you will get them within a week.


    Free large high quality public domain images for inspiration, reference, and use in your creative work, whether it is for commercial use or not.




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