Linda Horton Dodson



Bead Tapestries and Sculptures



Artist Statement


    “Mastery means being grounded in the history of the craft, understanding the range of artistic expressions in my craft and finding a ‘style’ that is uniquely my own.”







   I hope to change the traditional perception of beaded loom art.

The patterns, textures, and sculptural elements in nature captivate me. In my pieces I attempt to emphasize those characteristics so that the viewer will notice the intricacies and the beauty of plants and the world around us.  I love it when people view my work and say, “I never noticed that before.” I also like to treat the loomed work as a piece of material, making it three-dimensional by pleating, gathering, embroidering, and intertwining beaded pieces. My work is defined by simplicity, but also by repetition. This probably has evolved from my needlework background.


     To display more abstract concepts in my art, I am now exploring the possibilities of looming with wire, which has opened up vast sculptural opportunities.


    I have been greatly influenced by my Scandinavian and southern heritages, by Japanese beadsori, and by graphic design techniques. The infinite variety of beads, the way they refract light, and the way the varied reflective surfaces interact is fascinating to me.



Billie Ruth Sudduth

Basketmaker and Contemporary Artist

Bakersville, NC