The Beginning

This is a blog about art.  More particularly, this is a blog about making art with beads strung on a bead loom. In about 2005 I started making counted cross stitch art pieces of my own design.  

Then, in 2007, while browsing on the internet, I came across a site that was selling very pretty looms that could be used for weaving with yarn or weaving with beads. Since I was already working with a grid format for the counted cross stitch, I thought it might be easy to switch to beads. (Beads can be used in counted cross stitch also.)

I bought a small aluminum loom from Mirrix. (Expensive, but well made.) I first used round beads to make small pieces, but I really got hooked when I found there were two companies in Japan that made tubular beads with large holes, specifically for making tapestries. Together Toho and Myuki make thousands of beads. At the present time I have 970 colors of the Delica size 11 beads. Since 2007 I have been making tapestries. I soon found the small loom wasn’t big enough to really express myself, so when I got some money from a relative, I bought one that allows me to make tapestries as wide as 29 inches and as long as 40 inches. 

The picture below shows the full tapestry depicted in the masthead.