I Love Plants

Most of my work involves plants of some kind. Usually, I make bead tapestries of flower blossoms or garden plants, but some time ago I worked on two tapestries dealing with my impressions of the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala. I only completed the first two Runes (out of 52) because they took a long time to create and had to be accompanied by a synopsis of the Rune, since most people outside of Finland are not aware of the stories.  The first one contained underwater plants, and the second featured a large oak tree.  

If you are interested in the stories, you can find the entire Kalevala at: https://librivox.org/kalevala-the-land-of-the-heroes-kirby-translation-by-elias-loennrot/

I work with plants because I like them. I am a gardener and I find my time in the garden to be relaxing and meditative and I often think about their makeup as I’m weeding.  

Plants are very important to humans. We could not live on this planet without them.  However, I don’t think that we appreciate them enough.  We see them around us every day but we really don’t look at them when we go about our busy lives. So, I try, in my work, to show the distinctions of various flora. Each plant species is very different from every other, which to me is a miracle as great as that we are different from each other human being. I manipulate photographs and make drawings that accentuate the colors and characteristics to bring out those things that are unique to each plant and to draw the viewer’s attention to the tapestries. Psychedelic Hosta, which just one 2nd Place in the Artists’ League Summer Annual Show at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts is an example. You will probably never see a Hosta this brilliant, but it emphasizes the variegation and form of the plant’s leaves.

Psychedelic Hosta